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Teeth Bleaching and Whitening

Just about everyone wishes they had whiter teeth. Fortunately, there is an easy, painless way to make your teeth whiter with bleaching – a dental technique that can give you a dazzling, bright smile!

Although teeth seem very hard, the enamel has microscopic pores that discolor over time as we age, from smoking, and from staining substances that we eat and drink. In some cases, enamel discoloration occurs during early tooth formation from antibiotic and fluoride consumption. Bleaching simply removes stains from the enamel of your teeth.

Before Light Activated Teeth Whitening
After Light Activated Teeth Whitening

Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening, and bleaching is ideal for patients who have healthy teeth and would like to have a brighter, more attractive smile. Bleaching will not change the shade of existing bonding, veneers or crowns.

Most over-the-counter products such as 'whitening' toothpastes and gels are ineffective because they contain a low percentage of carbamide peroxide, and are not used in a concentrated form directly on the teeth.

As an associated center with , and one of the first Manhattan offices to utilize the ZOOM Light Bleaching technique, we can whiten all of the teeth that show when you smile in a single office visit. Depending on your individual shade and level of staining, these light activated teeth whitening treatments take between thirty and sixty minutes.

Before Light Activated Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening process really works, and because we are experts in all facets of cosmetic dentistry we can determine which technique will best suit your individual whitening needs. Although your teeth will not go back to their "pre-bleaching shade," depending upon your habits you may get some staining over time after the procedure is done.

We often recommend that you have a bleaching appliance made after six months so that you can touch up your bleaching, or brighten your smile before a special event. If you are soon to become a bride or groom, bleaching your teeth will ensure that your wedding photographs show off your perfect smile!

After Light Activated Teeth Whitening

We are excited to offer the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry to our patients.

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Before Light Activated Teeth Whitening
After Light Activated Teeth Whitening

If you have any questions regarding bleaching techniques, or wonder if teeth whitening can improve the shade of your teeth, send us your digital photo. We would be happy to evaluate the photo and return a simulation of your whiter, brighter smile.

Or call (212) 755-1033 to schedule a comprehensive smile evaluation and cosmetic consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for bleaching. We look forward to creating your perfect smile!

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